Beth Olson Creative is unique commercial, editorial and lifestyle photography for small businesses, artists, performers and nerds of all kinds- based in Portland, Oregon.


I’m a photographer with an education and work history in graphic design and social marketing. My focus is on supporting small businesses and local artists who want to connect with their audience in exciting and creative ways so rather than my honing one signature look used for every shoot, we work together to create images that use light and style to show off YOUR brand and personality.

Outside of the studio, I stay very involved in group projects which aim to improve the livelihoods of creative people through collaboration. I’m passionate about the success of small and local business and you can often find me working on projects which support a community of empowerment and education over competition.

Currently, I run operations (and cameras) for Beth Olson Creative, Twisted Aisle Weddings (my non-traditional wedding photography business) and Alchemy Portraits (body positive boudoir studio). I’m also a co-founder of the F1 Society: Photographer’s Professional Learning Network here in Portland and active member of more than a half dozen creative groups. I have an intense love for geek culture, hoppy beer with burbon and crushing the patriarchy under the heel of my converse. I also have a bit of a potty mouth, a pretty legit plan for the zombie apocalypse and a love/hate/love relationship with horror movies.

Words I live by:
“Work Hard. Have Fun.”
“Good things come to those who work their asses off.”





WTF?! You’re fucking amazing!! I wish we would’ve found you before…but at least I know you now!Noniko Jewelry
Thought you would like to hear that after posting on FB, the new logo for Poster Child, that you designed, it totally went viral annnnd I got a call from a guy (who I didn’t previously know) in the hawaiian islands, that called just to congratulate me and tell me how he loved the new logo and he wanted to tell me in person! All good signs of greatness I would say! Thanks Beth! You Rock!Poster Child Events