| Alternative and Offbeat Wedding photography in Portland, Oregon www.BethOlsonCreative.comA little bit about Twisted Aisle Weddings-

Twisted Aisle is the weddings side of my business, Beth Olson Creative where I photograph the lives and passions of musicians, artists, performers, small business owners and nerds of all kinds!

I like keeping things simple and making sure you’re taken care of for your whole day (none of this “my time is up” before the dance party nonsense). You’ll have coverage all day with me and my second photographer, you’ll get digital files (to print your images wherever and however you like.) Plus you’ll get actual physical prints and an album to relive the celebration at your whim, even if one day, the robot overlords take away all our technology.

Throughout the wedding day, I slip in and out of stealth mode to document everything with an eye for the raw, weird, sweet, humorous, honest moments but also keep on the lookout for the opportunity to make some really beautiful images happen.


A little bit about you- Eva + Eli's DIY Backyard BBQ Wedding

Couples that hire me tend to be fun-loving, respectful of each other, silly, genuine, a little (or a lot) nerdy and have adventurous spirits. Not only do I document the action and stories of the day, I work with couples throughout their planning process so that they can pull-off an an honest, authentic and fun-as-hell love party. My only goal is to help you steer clear of the pinterest-obsessed, Bride-centric, consumerism black hole that Weddings can sometimes turn into and just remember to have fun!


Beth and Garrett's Portland, Oregon Alternative Farm Wedding at Pendarvis Farm

A  little bit about me-

My motto is Work Hard, Have Fun (and I’m really good at both of those things!). I’m proud to be a body positive photographer, a passionate supporter of marriage equality, and advocate for human and animal rights… without being an annoying dick about it. I adore geek culture. I love hoppy beers and bourbon. I usually listen to loud rock or metal while I edit photos. I also have a bit of a potty mouth and a love/hate/love relationship with horror movies.

You can find some of my published work with Oregon Bride Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, Offbeat Bride, 100-layer cake and a variety of non-wedding places like Portland Monthly, Vortex Music Magazine, The Portland Mercury and Skorch Magazine if you happen to care about that kind of thing.


Alright, now it’s your turn. Get a hold of me and we’ll meet up for a drink, laugh over cat videos and geek out a little about your upcoming party!